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Wallpaper Wizardrii, "Changing the way you set wallpaper" ™.

Set your own images, Portrait, Landscape, and Crop; all with No Scroll or Scroll. Check out set Exact or Crop Exact! Set images from WW, file browser, or Android's Gallery (Share as).

Responses to Android Comments can be found here:

Please e-mail if you have any major issues we want to help you! There are many devices which can behave differently, without e-mailing us with you issues we cannot fix them, and we may not even know about them. Please read about WW options below so you understand how WW works.

How WW works. WW will take any size image and set it as your wallpaper; which means you are no longer forced to Crop a large image to set it as wallpaper. Images are found by a media scan. There are 6 options and they all do something a little different. Scroll will resize the image to fit best within Android's typical scrolling wallpaper setting. No Scroll will do the same thing as Scroll, exception it will prevent the display from scrolling, so you will only see the middle of the image. This setting is good for portrait images for example. This setting will also set your image on top of a solid color; which you can pick from menu->preferences. So if you choose to change from No Scroll to Scroll the image shouldn't get larger. Instead you will see the background color to the left and right of the image set with No Scroll. The Next option is Exact. This will set the image exactly as you see it within WW. This is the best option for images which are smaller then your display size so they do not become pixalated. With this setting the background color will also show. The next three options are the same as the first three except you are choosing to crop some portion of the image. Crop Exact will attempt to keep the aspect ratio of the image you see within WW. In addition you can control the horizontal crop independently from the vertical. There are also options under menu and menu->preferences. Such as changing from Scroll to No Scroll without having to change your wallpaper.

NOTE: WW cannot take small images and make them larger without it being pixalated. Depixalated algorithms are not implemented.

If you have any issues you can always rollback to an earlier release that worked for you. Version seemed to be the most stable for all devices. You can do this by: Menu->Preference->Rollback and download that version and install it.

If WW is killed off No Scroll will not work. Task killers which auto kill off WW will make No Scroll fail!
Crop/rotated images are defaulted to 75% image quality for performance, you can change this within preferences.

Android's wallpaper user experience is limited and not user friendly. Wallpaper Wizardrii will make setting Wallpaper on the Android platform more intuitive, enjoyable, and easier with expanded capabilities. Wallpaper Wizardrii is aimed to be the best wallpaper setter for the Android platform with security in mind.

All Previous versions here if you have an issue with current release: wallpaperwizardrii.twistedapps.org/download/download.htm

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